Discover group training with P90X.

Are you wondering what P90X is? It's a group-focused, total-body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from functional strength coaching. Get ready to join a group of motivated people like you as you bust through personal plateaus together, rock out to hardcore music, and give it your all as you encourage each other to get in the best shape of your lives!

Experience performance based workouts designed to change your life fast and effectively.

Have you ever felt that P90X is complicated and tough? It's really not. It's for everyone at every fitness level -- from the person that hasn't set foot in a gym to the physically fit. All P90X classes are done at your own pace. You'll get even more results when you're driven by the motivation of working out with others in a P90X class. You may be asking, "What does it include?" You'll power through full-body strength training, cardio drills, and core work as a team to challenge and change your body in 90 days! That's why P90X works for all that have tried it.