About the facility

Fired Up Athletics is a facility dedicated to making you a better version of yourself.

Located near the Sunset Strip, the Fired Up Athletics fitness studio is housed in a brand new 1,900 sq foot space. The space includes brand new equipment including kettlebells, dummbells, plyoboxes, and battle ropes.

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The process
We give a sh*t.
A lot of thought, effort & passion goes into your coaching.
You always come first.
The member is always at the heart of the strategy.
Constant and never-ending improvement
Never stand still, always strive to improve your performance.
Less is more.
We remove the unnecessary to focus on what's important.
Quality over quantity.
'Make your workouts really good' rather than 'Do it quick.'
We're nice to people
Successful coaching is built on strong working relationships with you.